Water filter vs water purifier

Water Filter vs Water Purifier

70% of our body is made of water and the one thing we shouldn’t go without drinking is water yet most don’t think about where our water comes from and what toxins it contains. In our water supply there are harmful chemicals and dangerous bacterias and viruses. You decide to do something about it and clean up your water supply and you get bombarded with different products but what is the difference between then which is better water filter vs water purifier let’s find out

Water Filter

A water filter separates the pollutants from water by using a physical barrier or a filter. Based on the size of the contaminants, the pores of the filter can retain them by only allowing the water to pass through. 

Many water filters use different techniques to become the best water filter like activated carbon as many pollutants are carbon-based and are stopped by the water filter to supply a clean water source. In the fight between water filter vs, water purifiers, this is a point for the former.

Plus, to an extent, filtration can help improve the texture of drinking water. With that in mind, water filters can efficiently remove even the tiniest of physical and biological particles, including bacteria and microbial cysts. 

Chemical waste and some bacterial toxins, viruses and microplastics easily sneak off through them and end up in your water supply. Making you sick and giving you symptoms of an allergic reaction. When mild you get off easily by small allergic reactions from chemicals but after a while, they can earn you a visit to the doctor.

Water Purifiers

Water purifiers work to remove impurities from water. The main job of a water purifier is that it focuses mainly on killing biological beings that are bacterias and viruses through various methods but can leave out the non-biological material inside the water supply which ends up inside your body.

Water purifiers remove a lot of waste based on size, charge and material. Purification processes with distillation and UV light are effective. They remove a lot of bad stuff out of the water supply improving the texture of the water, the taste and the clarity of water giving you a clean and safe supply of water.

Who, then ultimately wins in the comparison of water filter vs water purifiers? 

What To Choose?

Now you know the difference between water filter vs water purifier which is the best? A combination of the best water filter and the best water purifier is a sure-fire way to protect yourself and ensure a clean and safe water supply at a budget

Using water with an activated carbon filter and without using electricity but instead harnessing the power of the earth’s gravity we have developed the best water filter. It purifies water and makes sure that not only the bacteria and viruses are killed but the activated carbon filters in the best water filter make sure that microplastic and any other bacteria or chemical do not contaminate the drinking water and keep you and your family safe and healthy.


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