What is the Shelf Life of Bottled Water?

Water is a daily necessity, yet most of us don’t drink filtered water and as a result. Many toxins end up in our body. But even when we drink filtered water by buying bottled water, we don’t check the expiration date. The shelf life of bottled water must be kept in mind. Because water stored in plastic bottles is not the best liquid that our bodies should intake. Let’s delve into detail about whether bottled water can expire.

Shelf Life of Bottled Water

The expiration of bottled water depends on a lot of things. For example, the longer the filtered water is stored in plastic bottles. These microplastic is enter into our body and cause illness.

This is just not limited to water bottles but also applies to water filters you have at home. If water filters are plastic, reflects the presence of micro-tears in the body. And water supply, and, improving the water’s textures impacting the quality of water. This would ultimately lead to making us sick. And even cause mild symptoms of allergy making. Think Can I be allergic to water and at worse earn you a trip to the hospital. It is, thus, a health hazard to store water in plastic bottles or use plastic water purifiers since it limits the shelf life of bottled water.

Storing Water to Extend Shelf Life of Bottled Water

Now that you know that the expiration of water is a thing, let’s focus on storing filtered water properly. Storage is as important as filtering water in the first place. Even the best water filter can’t help, because a single misstep in the storage process and filtering water will be rendered useless.

 Proper storage of water helps in the prevention of bacterial growth and reduces the risk of side effects such as nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhoea. In particular, warm temperatures can foster bacterial growth and increase the release of harmful plastic chemicals into the water. 

Keeping bottled water in a cool place out of direct sunlight can help promote proper food safety and reduce your risk of negative health effects. 

Because plastic bottles are also slightly permeable, it’s best to store bottled water away from household cleaning supplies and chemicals. If you notice that your water has developed an odd taste or odour, you should boil it before drinking or discard it.

We have to also make sure that that water is filtered at the source properly and for that, there are specific criteria that need to be met. For example, the best water filter will have a steel body because, as mentioned above, a plastic body can lead to microplastic seeping in.

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