Sparkling water vs mineral water

Sparkling Water vs Mineral Water

Water is essential to every living being’s sustenance and thus, hydration is important. But what could possibly be an alternative to this crucial component of life? Let’s look at sparkling water vs mineral water and understand their elements and classify their differences respectively. You may find it interesting that using the below-mentioned options will help you reduce weight due to lesser calorie intake.

Sparkling Water vs Mineral Water

Mineral water

Mineral water is obtained from sources such as natural springs or wells. It comes in different bubbly varieties. Its effervescent nature comes from naturally occurring gases in the spring or well. Mineral water is rich in Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium. It has a very distinct flavour and contains various salts and sulfuric compounds. It has added carbonation after bottling as well which may or may not be done for added effervescence. However, all mineral water is not sparkling. Here find why bottled water might not be good for your health.

Sparkling water

Sparkling water is also known as seltzer water. It is basically still water with added carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is infused under pressure from water or under natural geological processes. Carbonation is what causes the water to have an effervescent texture. Sparkling water is simple, clean and pure. It is extremely refreshing and enjoyable owing to effervescence and different added flavours. 

Benefits of sparkling water and mineral water

Both sparkling water and mineral water provide us with healthier alternatives compared to unnatural sugar added sodas.  Mineral water gives us minerals which the body can’t make for its own self and sparkling water is fun and feisty for the taste buds. Both of them are low in calories and thus reduce our calorie intake and give us a healthier lifestyle. So, it’s on you what to choose according to your needs.

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