Truth About water filter

The Truth about RO Water Filters – Bad for the Environment?

When you start your journey to eco-friendly living, there are many things that will shock you. It may surprise you to find out that the first toothbrush you ever used is still out there somewhere, or that breeding animal is highly unethical, or that gelatin is actually non-vegetarian. So, it may also surprise you to find out that the water filter you use is quite wasteful and not eco-friendly. Although a basic water filter keeps many plastic water bottles out of landfills, a bunch of stuff goes down the drain without ever being used. It is therefore essential to realize the negative impact your water filter may have on the environment and what you can do to prevent it. So, let’s have a look at the truth about water filter.

The Ugly Truth About Water Filter

  1. An average RO water filter wastes approximately 3 litres of water to purify one litre.
  2. Most of the water filters from big brands use plastic cartridges. These filter out the deadly water contaminants but need replacing every few months. The result? Millions of such cartridges rot in the landfills every year that contribute to global warming.
  3. If not maintained, water purifiers consume an enormous amount of electricity, which unnecessarily adds to one’s electricity bill that could have been put to better use.
  4. Did you know that if a company sends you a faulty water filter and you ask for a replacement, the old filter is simply tossed in the landfill with no repair? A whole new product gone to waste in the blink of an eye. 
  5. The ugliest truth about water filters is that some of them in the market are actually fake. While they filter some contaminants, they end up leaching carcinogenic substances in the water themselves, causing various cancers and birth defects. 

So How to Make Water Filtration Eco Friendly?

1. Reuse the waste water from your filter

A best practice would be to use wastewater that is actually clean enough to do the dishes by storing it in a tank.. You can water your plants, transfer the water to your flush tank, or even take showers with it. You will be able to save big on your water bills with this simple hack.2. Give your old filter cartridges for recycling

The plastic from the used cartridges is often recyclable, so segregate your plastic waste and send them for recycling to prevent them from getting in landfills. 3. Invest in gravity based water purifiers

The best advice that we can give you is to go for gravity based water filters. Phoenix Water Filters keep your family safe and are environmentally friendly as they do the following:  

  • They consume little or no electricity. 
  • Their filtration method involves natural resources like activated carbon.
  • They effectively filter out 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, parasites, metals.
  • They’re portable.
  • And the best part, they are a lot cheaper than RO water filters.

So buy a trusted water purifier now to keep you, your family and the environment safe!.

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