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Dangers Of Using Plastic Bodied Water Filter

Clean and safe drinking water is a basic human rights. Majority of us have to install our own water filter to get access to clean and safe drinking water. But even after spending some time sub-par plastic water filter used. Instead of protecting you from toxic water supply. Can I be allergic to drinking water ? Read to know more!

These water filters are a compromise by cutting corners. They are keeping their cost low yet charging you the same as the best water filter. These sub-par water filters use plastic bodies to save on cost and that is how you get allergic.

Dangers of using Plastic bodied Water filter.

The untold downside of plastic water filter is that after a while of use there are wear and tears on the inside of the filter body and slowly but steadily microplastic starts entering the water supply and ultimately inside you. Microplastic is a dangerous affair that not many of us are aware of recently scientists found Microplastic in the placenta.

Another issue with Plastic water filter is that they are transparent and let the sunlight in also raising the temperature, these are the perfect conditions for the growth spurt of bacteria inside the water and then you end up drinking the water making you and your family sick.

How can you save your self from this

We have done the proper research for you and have the best water filter ready for your use. It has a steel tank not cutting any corners which prevents all the issues of the plastic-bodied water filter.

Start using the best water filter you can afford there are many water filters out in the market, some use electricity. Other use UV light which does not take into account the new challenges of modern-day pollution they only focus on killing bacteria and viruses, not the microplastic which is no widely prevalent in our water supply

Using water with an activated carbon filter and without using electricity but instead harnessing the power of the earth’s gravity we have developed the best water filter to purify and make sure that not only the bacteria and viruses are killed but the activated carbon filters in the best water filter make sure that microplastic do not contaminate the drinking water and keep you and your family safe and healthy

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