Master Cleanse Recipe

Master Cleanse Recipe for Weight loss

The rule of thumb is, if Beyonce does it, we’ll do it. Just like the master cleanse diet, which is basically a lemonade diet. Correction- a lemonade-ONLY diet that you follow for a three 10-day period. It apparently removes the toxins from your body and cleanses your digestive system. So let’s have a look at how the master cleanse recipe work

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple (since you don’t really eat anything but this juice). As you consume very little calories, your body gradually starts losing fat, muscle and bone density over the course of 10 days. While this diet can have serious repercussions if followed for long, in the short term, it helps lose weight quickly and easily. The ingredients are usually available in every kitchen, and the prep time shouldn’t be over 10 minutes.

The Master Cleanse Recipe


  1. Fresh lemon juice (2 tablespoons)
  2. Maple syrup (2 tablespoons)
  3. Cayenne pepper (1/10th of a teaspoon)
  4. Pure water (10 ounces)


  1. Pro tip- You can make a big batch of this master cleanse recipe to last you a couple of days and avoid making it every morning.
  2. For the first 10 days, your diet will include:
    1. A salt water drink
    2. The ‘lemonade’ we just made
    3. A herbal laxative tea.
  3. After 10 days, you may slowly incorporate solid foods back in your diet. Add as many fruits and veggies as you can and avoid dairy.

Benefits of following the master cleanse recipe

  1. It’s cost effective
  2. Easy to prepare
  3. A time saver
  4. Vegan
  5. Gluten-free
  6. Doesn’t require exercise on the side

Keep in mind

It’s quite obvious that this is a highly restrictive diet. If you follow this diet and the master cleanse recipe, you’re basically giving up eating for several days. 

  • While the master cleanse recipe can show results early on, it may have side effects like nausea, fatigue, weakness, etc. 
  • So make sure that you consult your doctor before trying this diet, especially if you have a chronic health condition like thyroid issues or low blood pressure. 
  • Also, make sure that you use filtered water while following the recipe. 
  • Filtered water helps in better nutrient absorption, detoxification and digestion, which can be especially beneficial in this diet.

So if you don’t have one already, invest in an effective water purifier now.

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