Importance of water sanitation

Water Sanitation: Importance & Benefits of Water Sanitation

Importance of water sanitation

Water is the source of all life and the provider of all too. Needless to say that keeping our most important resource clean is indeed imperative. Because without clean water, all of life could be devastated and poisoned. Humanity depends on water for survival and additionally, nutrients as well. The importance of water sanitation is not taken seriously and this could lead to serious health issues.

Water sanitation is thus crucial to sustain life, empower human dignity, build health resilience and is a basic necessity. It is vital for the well being of any life on Earth. Access to safe drinking water is not a privilege but a right to a healthy life.

Water bodies and pollution

  1. Groundwater
  2. Rivers and lakes are easily polluted by factories, humans using them for bathing, cooking and cleaning purposes and animals etc.
  3. Rainwater easily gathers impurities from the environment
  4. Sea water is plenty but desalination is a very expensive procedure as of yet.

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Methods used to clean water

  1. sedimentation
  2. chlorination
  3. filtration
  4. boiling

Sanitation standards

Physically water must be colourless, odourless, clear and have an agreeable taste. There should be no presence of organic matter, silt, algae or microorganisms, cysts or parasites.

Chemically water must be neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline. 

Benefits of water sanitation

Sanitisation of water helps prevent many major diseases and deaths owing to intestinal worms, schistosomiasis, typhoid and cholera and diarrhoea. It helps to diminish the impact and severity of malnutrition and boosts potential recovery of renewable energy. It fights major public health issues and is an ongoing mammoth task under international development. 

Thus, it is key to note that safe drinking water is needed for a healthy and flourishing life. It is still a fight the world is raging against water pollution. 

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