Buying Mistakes of Tap Water Filters

4 Fatal Buying Mistakes of Tap Water Filters

Access to clean and safe drinking water is necessary for all. Safe water is something that is free from contamination and other polluting particles that cause health hazards. It is usually assumed that water is safe to consume if it’s clear. But by now, you should know that although the tap water supplied in your home might seem clean, it is usually contaminated with various bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that might pose a serious threat to your family’s health. So, it is always good to use the best water filter in your home or office. However, there are several mistakes that people commit commonly when buying a water filter. What are the 4 fatal buying mistakes that people commit when buying water filters and how to rectify them? Let’s see. 

4 Fatal Buying Mistakes of Tap Water Filters

1. You fail to analyze your exact requirements.

This is one of the most fatal buying mistakes of tap water filters that many people commit. Water purifiers and health stay interconnected together. If you want the best for your and your family’s health, you need to choose the best water filter that is right for you. You need to consider the quality of the water that needs filtering, your family’s water requirements, the type of water filter that you need for your home, that the filter uses, etc. Depending on the quality and source of tap water at your home, you can choose from a range of water purification technologies that work best for you. You also need to analyze How Much Water Per Day Should An Adult Drink vs how much you family currently consume to understand the required capacity of your water purifier.

2. Underestimating and ignoring gravity water filters

Most people tend to believe that electric water filters are more powerful and efficient in filtering water than gravity water filters. This is completely a myth and gravity water filters are in no way lesser in performance and efficiency when compared to electric water filters. Depending on the quality and source of tap water at your home, you can choose from a range of water purification technologies that work best for you. Most people tend to buy Reverse Osmosis (RO technology) filters when they are deciding which water filter is best for their home but one major concern with RO water purifiers is that it wastes a lot of water, often up to 80%. So, considering the water scarcity and demand for clean water, gravity water filters would be the best bet. Filtering water without electricity with the help of gravity water filters provides excellent protection from water pollution.

3. You miscalculate the place needed for the water filter in your kitchen

This is a mistake that most people commit while searching for the best water filter for their home. You need to calculate precisely where the gravity water filter would fit in in your home. Are you going to keep it in the kitchen? Is it going to sit in your living room? Do you have to place it on the wall? Will it sit without disturbance on the kitchen counter? If you don’t answer these important questions before choosing the best water purifier for your home, you might find it difficult afterward when you find that the water filter that you bought is difficult to place in the space you had in your mind. You also need to mind the electrical points and any other source of heat near your water filter.  

4. You do not check after-sales and maintenance procedures

Buying a water filter with the best features is not enough. You also have to check the maintenance, warranty, and after-sales of the brand. Checking for after-sales and maintenance procedures and facilities provided by the water filter company is a crucial step to consider before buying the best water filter for your home. You might have selected the best water purifier for your home but it needs maintenance at regular intervals too. So, before you should always consider the promptness of service and overall maintenance cost. 

We hope this article can help you avoid the fatal buying mistakes when you’re purchasing the best water filter for your familyIf you want to save you and your family from the life-threatening waterborne diseases that may be caused by contaminated water, contact Phoenix water filters. We, at phoenix water filters, can help you with all your water filter needs. Contact us now and shield your family’s health with a Phoenix gravity water filter.

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