Lemon water good for you?

Is Lemon Water Good for You? Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Nothing can make you feel alive and refreshed like a glass of clean and fresh water. But in our busy lives, we forget to drink water regularly, and even if we do so, we drink bottled water that is extremely bad for our health. So, one healthy habit we can all agree to follow is drinking clean water regularly. But how about making this habit even much healthier? Yes, you can absolutely make your drinking water super healthy by adding lemons to it. According to health experts around the world, drinking lemon water can do wonders for your overall health and fitness. 

 So, how it is good for you and what are the benefits? Let’s find out.

Nutrition in lemon water

Lemon is loaded with nutrients that are crucial for our health. Lemons are one of the richest sources of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that is responsible for protecting the cells, keeping them healthy, and repair of tissue. It is also rich in flavonoids that boost immunity. Apart from this, it contains potassium, folate, Vitamin B, protein, carbohydrate, and little sugar. Due to its high nutrient content, drinking lemon water is good for you. Here are some of the health benefits of drinking lemon water. 

How to make lemon water?

  1. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice of one lemon half into a mug.
  2. Add the warm water to the lemon juice.
  3. Consume on an empty stomach.

Benefits of drinking lemon water

Helps in Weight loss

Trying to shed those extra kilos lately? Try drinking it in the morning and see how it works magic on your weight loss efforts. It can boost your body’s metabolism and helps you burn more calories. Thus, you can lose weight more easily with lemon water.

Acts as a Immunity Booster

This is one of the important health benefits of lemon water. It is good for you because it has the ability to protect you from all diseases. Yes! the antioxidants in lemon water boost your immunity and protect your body from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Helps in digestion

The acidic nature of lemon water can help you get relief from the annoying digestive issues. It helps in digestion and removes all the toxins from your digestive system. It also helps in heartburn, belching, and bloating. 

Phoenix Gravity Water Filter makes you feel good

A glass of lemon water can give you the much-needed energy boost that you need at the start of the day. It can also brighten your mood and curb signs of anxiety and depression.

Keeps your skin healthy

The vitamin C present in lemons may help reduce skin wrinkling, dry skin from ageing, and damage from the sun. This way it gives you a young look. So, yes, lemon water is good for you and it keeps you young!

Now your doubts must have been cleared and drinking it regularly can only make your health better. What are you waiting for? Make yourself one and get all the benefits of this magic potion. But wait! All these magical health benefits can work only on clean and safe drinking water. Tap water and unfiltered water may contain several deadly water contaminants that can harm your health. So, why don’t you start by ensuring that our family drinks clean and safe water? If you’re looking for the best ways to disinfect drinking water, the Phoenix water filter can help you with all your water purification needs. Contact our team of experienced water purification experts to get the best gravity water filter on the market. Shield your family’s health with the Phoenix gravity water filter. 

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