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Can You Filter Water without Electricity?

We all know that our body is 60% water and all the cells, organs, and tissues in our body use water all the time to maintain bodily functions. So, drinking clean water regularly throughout the day is crucial to be healthy and sound. Now imagine what harmful contaminants in your drinking water could do to your body. It would affect each and every function of your cells and wreaks havoc on your body. This is why it is important that you filter your drinking water. But when it comes to access to clean and safe drinking water, there is a lot of confusion among people to select whether to use an electric water filter or a non-electric water filter. So let’s see if we can filter water without electricity or not.

So, what is the difference between an electric water filter and a non-electric water filter? Can you filter water without electricity? 

What is the difference between electric and non-electric water filters?

Technically, the main difference between electric and non-electric filters and water purification is the usage of electricity. But there is also a huge difference in the method of water purification. Electric water purifier such as RO uses pressured water passed through the RO membrane, UV water purifier uses UV radiations to purify water, etc. Whereas non-electric water filters use sediment filter, activated carbon, UF, and other mechanisms to filter water without electricity.

So, can you filter water without electricity?

Yes, you can filter water without electricity. While there are numerous ways to disinfect drinking water quicklythe best way to filter water without electricity is with the help of a gravity water filter. We, at Phoenix water filters, offer a high-grade gravity water filter that allows you to filter contaminated and polluted water with the help of gravity. 

A gravity water filter is a water purification machine that consists of two chambers- the upper chamber, where the contaminated water enters the filter, and the lower chamber, which holds the contaminants and gives us filtered water. Usually, a fiber membrane is used to filter the contaminants in the water and once the water gets into the filter, gravity takes care of the rest. So, yes, you can filter water without electricity with a Phoenix gravity water filter.

Effectiveness of filtering water without electricity 

Most people tend to believe that electric water filters are more powerful and efficient in filter water than gravity water filters. This is completely a myth and gravity water filters are in no way lesser in performance and efficiency when compared to electric water filters. Filtering water without electricity with the help of gravity water filters provides excellent protection from water pollution. It can effectively remove impurities, bacteria, protozoa, cysts, and any turbidity in your drinking water. So, you can definitely use a gravity water filter in your home or office and drink clean and safe water every day.

Water filtered with a Phoenix gravity water filter is safer than chemically purified water. You can fit it anywhere in your home or office easily as it does not require any plumbing or electricity to function. Moreover, its efficient, effective, and costs way less than electric water filters. So, contact us now and shield your family’s health with a Phoenix gravity water filter.

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