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What are the hard water areas in the UK?

What are the effects of water hardness have on you? Some hard water areas in the United Kingdom? Water’s mineral content impacts how it is classified on a scale ranging from hard water to soft water. Although water is generally clear, it contains minerals and chemicals. Hardness in water is caused by dissolved ions from sedimentary rocks and soils. Hard water has more magnesium and calcium, which is beneficial to our nutrition but not to our skin and hair. The water hardness depends on where the water is coming from. This is why water hardness varies throughout towns and counties even within the same state.

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Hard water is measured in parts per million (PPM), and the number of hardness particles dissolved in the water per million particles determines the rating:

Soft water = < 100mg/ litre of calcium carbonate.

Moderately hard water = > 100mg/ litre of calcium carbonate.

Hard water = >  200 and 300mg/ litre of calcium carbonate.

Very hard water = > 300mg/ litre of calcium carbonate.

Because the majority of the UK’s geological formations are limestone and chalk-based, about 60% of the UK has many hard water areas. Limescale has a huge impact on residences in the United Kingdom as a result of the hard water supply. The chalk and limestone regions of England’s south and east discharge more elements into the water than the granite regions of the country’s north and west.

The majority of the hard water areas are in East Anglia and the East Midlands. Water in the south and east of England is much harder than water in the rest of the UK. London, Newcastle, Bristol, and   Norwich are among the hard water areas. Bristol receives water from Mendip Hills (Bristol Reservoirs) at a rate of 228.5 mg/l. Southampton gets its water from Bewl Water, which has a minerals content of 268 mg/L. London obtains its water from the Lee Valley Reservoir Chain, which has a 275 mg/L minerals content. UK counties with the hardest water are Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Sussex, Wiltshire. 

Hard Water Built-in Areas

Hard water can create mineral buildup in pipes and water heaters. If you have city water, you may find out UK’s hard water areas by calling your municipality, or by purchasing a water hardness test kit from your local shop. Regardless of the type of water, it must be purified before consumption. The Phoenix water filter removes unnecessary contaminants while conserving essential nutrients, allowing your skin to glow. Phoenix stainless steel gravity water filters remove contaminants efficiently to deliver sparkling clean water.

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