Prime POSTreat Steel Fluoride Reduction Cartridge’s Before Use

POSTreat Steel Introduction:


Phoenix Gravity POSTreat Reduction Elements are designed for use in conjunction with our Phoenix Gravity Carbon Filters to adsorb the fluoride  found  in  drinking  water.

Technical Information: 


Fluoride Reduction Filters: 


The POSTreat  filters  reduce >95% of Fluoride from your water. Because of Slow and steady water flow inside the filters, more Fluoride is removed. 

Under normal conditions it is recommended that each set of two Phoenix  Gravity  POSTreat  filters  are  to  be  replaced  every 6 – 8 months  for  a  family  of  four.

Installation Steps are available as list of steps in the above image.

Priming of POSTreat Steel Filters:

  1. Remove upper chamber from filtration system and place it upside down on a counter so that the stems of the Phoenix Gravity Filters are facing upward.
  2. Rinse the fluoride reduction cartridge in a free flowing running water for few minutes.
  3. With the water flow-arrow pointing away from the upper chamber (Phoenix Gravity POSTreat Filters have threads on one end only) screw the Phoenix Gravity Candles onto the stems of each (already primed) Phoenix Gravity filters. The flow arrow should point away from upper reservoir.
  4. Replace the upper reservoir onto the lower reservoir (the Phoenix Gravity POSTreat should now look like hanging inside the lower reservoir). Fill the upper reservoir with water and let it drain into the lower reservoir. When the lower reservoir is full, discard the first batch of water, which may contain residual process dust. Your purification system is now ready for use.


1. Do not boil this Filter. 2. The water temperature will rise during the priming process. Therefore use only COLD water to prime  elements as the use of hot water  may result in uncomfortable or unsafe water temperatures. 3. When lower reservoir is full of water, the Phoenix Gravity POSTreat Filter will be immersed. 4. When the water level in the lower reservoir rises above the bottom of the Phoenix Gravity POSTreat Filters, it is normal for small amounts of water to burp through threads connecting chambers. 5. If residual process dust is still visible discard the water and use fresh water for filtering. 6. If/when you conduct the Turmeric Test for the Phoenix Gravity Filters you must remove the POSTreat filters first. Failure to do so may result in the voiding of the Phoenix Gravity POSTreat Filters. 7. The lower reservoir in most gravity purification systems has a 8L to 12L capacity and a typical household uses about one refill per day. We recommend that the upper chamber to  be filled at night. The water from upper chamber should be purified by morning. It is normal for the purification process to slow down significantly when water level in lower chamber rises above the bottom of the Phoenix Gravity POSTreat Filters.

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