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6 Super Fun Water Activities For Kids For A Memorable Summer

Water activities in the backyard are a lot of fun for kids of all ages. Break out the hose and sprinklers as the weather starts to heat up, and cool down with these wet and crazy activities. Summer days are scorching hot, so come up with some smart ways to stay cool. Check out these entertaining water activities for kids to beat the summer heat but make sure that you don’t waste too much water. Conservation of water is important, but so is fun so here are some activities which only require a few simple items, such as water balloons, sponges, or jump ropes, while others only require your outdoor hose. Prepare to be drenched!

6 Super Fun Water Activities For Kids:

1. Water Balloon Baseball

Use water balloons instead of balls to make dodgeball more summer-friendly. This variation of the classic favourite will have laughter ringing throughout your garden for as long as the sun and water last!

2. Pop ‘em In The Basket

Catch water balloons thrown from a distance in baskets stuck to your heads! This twist to the game of toss and catch is exactly what you need for a fun and refreshing day outdoors playing water activities for kids.

3. DIY Pool

Get some plastic sheets and duct tape and you are set to make a pool for your backyard! Put the hose on and let it fill and enjoy endlessly for many water activities for kids. 

4. Whee Goes The Water Slide

If your backyard can handle a little inclination, this is the perfect water activity for kids and adults alike! All you need are plastic sheets, easily available at any store or online. Set it up with continuous water and a little shampoo to make it slippery and voila! A water park slide right in your backyard.

5. Water Relay

Race with your family and friends with cups of water on your head to see who can run the fastest and reach the end line with the most water. A little twist: the cups have holes in them! So, ready, set, drench to the end line in this amazing water activity for kids.

6. DIY Sprinkler

Longing for rain in this heat? Make your own!  Make a sprinkler with just a plastic bottle and a sharp needle. Create holes in the bottle and attach your hose to its mouth. Then let the water run and you have a sprinkler to dance in the “rain”.

Ready to turn your backyard into a pool of fun (pun intended)? Set up these water activities for kids now to make this summer full of cheer and get soaked with not just water but fun and laughter. And if you aren’t able to enjoy these, you can always go for a swim and have a blast while also enjoying many health benefits of swimming!

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