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How to Decide Which Water Filter is the Best for your Home?

Drinking clean water regularly throughout the day is crucial to be healthy and sound. You may get an uninterrupted tap water supply in your home, but the quality of water supplied to homes has always been a concern, and more and more people are exploring choices for getting access to clean drinking water. Moreover, the global water crisis is becoming more acute every year. Most major cities across the world will run out of groundwater by next year and clean drinking water a basic necessity will become scarcer in coming times. So, we are in need of a solution that not just purifies water but also saves water in that process. This is why it is important to decide which water filter is the best for your home.

Deciding which water filter is the best for your home can be confusing. Here is what to keep in mind while choosing one that is best for your home.

1. Storage

This is one of the important factors you need to ensure before you decide which water filter is the best for your home. Analyze your family’s daily water consumption to understand the required capacity of your water purifier. Normally for a family with four to six members, a water purifier with a storage tank capacity of a minimum of 8 litres would be adequate to cater to the daily requirements. For a family with more than 6 people, it would be wise to choose one with 12 litres capacity.

2. Purification technology

Purification technology is one of the most overlooked things when deciding the best water for your home. Depending on the quality and source of tap water at your home, you can choose from a range of water purification technologies that work best for you. Most people tend to buy Reverse Osmosis (RO technology) filters when they are deciding which water filter is best for their home but one major concern with RO water purifiers is that it wastes a lot of water, often up to 80%. So, considering the water scarcity and demand for clean water, gravity water filters would be the best bet. 

3. Electric water filters or non-electric filters

The next thing is to choose whether you need an electric water filter or a non-electric water filter. Most people tend to believe that electric water filters are more powerful and efficient in filter water than gravity water filters. This is completely a myth and gravity water filters are in no way lesser in performance and efficiency when compared to electric water filters. Filtering water without electricity with the help of gravity water filters provides excellent protection from water pollution.

4. Certifications

There are many brands out there that may skim you off by providing you with cheap quality water filters. So, make sure to only go for the brands that have appropriated validated certifications. 

5. Maintenance and after-sales service

Your water filter has several components that ensure the purity and safety of your drinking water and therefore it needs maintenance at regular intervals. So, before you decide on which water filter is the best for your home, you should always consider the promptness of service and overall maintenance cost. Reputed brands like Phoenix Water filter offer you hassle-free customer service and maintenance checks at regular intervals. 

We hope this article has helped you decide which water filter is the best for your home. Every penny you spend on choosing and buying the best water filter for your home is a penny spent wisely, because of the health benefits of drinking filtered and uncontaminated water. So, if you want to save yourself and your family from the life-threatening waterborne diseases that may be caused by contaminated water, contact Phoenix water filters. We, at Phoenix, can help you with all your water filter needs. Contact us now and shield your family’s health with a Phoenix gravity water filter.

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