Water filter cartridge

What is a Water Filter Cartridge?

Water filtration systems have been here for a long time. And since then they have become much more effective and technologically advanced than in the past. At some point in this timeline we are introduced water filter cartridges that have now become an integral part of water filters. 

What is a Water Filter Cartridge?

A water filter cartridge is simply an instrument that filter water. Simply putting, we can compare a water filter cartridge to a piece of cloth used to filter water. Water filter cartridges can be simple to filter media.

The Water Filter Cartridge in Water Filters:

Today, it is impossible to find a water filter that comes without a water filter cartridge. They filter impurities as water pass through. Nowadays, it is common to see three to five separate filtration chambers on a single filter system. There are many types of multipurpose water purifier filter cartridges. Some cartridge filters out sediment and particles, others filter out chemicals, another one may kill bacteria and so on. 

Types of Water Filter Cartridges:

There are many types of water filter cartridges available in the market. The most popular and widely used water filter cartridges are as follows.

  • Activated carbon water filter cartridges
  • Ultraviolet water filter cartridges
  • Reverse osmosis membrane water filter cartridges
  • Ceramic water filter cartridges
  • Sediment water filter cartridges
  • Alkaline ionizer water filter cartridges

Why Should you buy Phoenix Carbon Water filter Cartridges?

carbon water filter cartridge has a paper filter element on outside. And is filled with granular activated carbon on the inside. Water filter cartridges removes suspended solids, chlorine, some organic compounds and bad odor in the water. The Phoenix carbon water filter cartridges are specially designed to remove impurities as well as organic chemicals. The Phoenix Carbon Water Filter cartridges made with the highest quality. And made from the finest coconut-shell-based activated carbon. The Phoenix Carbon Filter, impregnated with silver. Most powerful particles (even less than 0.5 microns in size) are trap here. Lab test results show that Phoenix carbon water filter cartridges effectively remove lead, chlorine, bacteria, and virus from the water. 

We are in the middle of a global pandemic. And we are bond to do everything in our power to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy. So, it is the time you know about gravity water filters and carbon water filter cartridges.

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