Conservation of Water: Our Planet’s Only Hope

Water availability is becoming a more severe global concern day by day. With the changing climate and increasing water pollution, conservation of water by any and all means seems like the only resort that all of us as a collective need to ensure to work through the meagre availability of water. This is important because water is life! There are umpteen benefits of water apart from the fact that without it life will cease to exist. Often asked, “what can a single individual possibly do to make a difference for an entire world’s water problem?” It may baffle you to see the impact that small-scale changes in daily habits with respect to water can make on large scale water issues. Every single drop counts! Here’s how to do your part in saving your country from a life-consuming drought and save money doing it:

5 Tips for Conservation of Water:

1) Limit Your Shower

While many prefer winning imaginary fights or delving into philosophical dilemmas while taking a shower, they fail to realize the water they waste in the process. Do the planet a favour and keep your shower time just that – a time to shower. If you enjoy playing music while showering, the length of a song may suffice as a target.

2) Fix Plumbing

Leak, leak, leak. Any leak is wasting away the precious resource more than you could imagine. If you have taps or toilets that waste any amount of water, it’s high time you get them fixed. 

3) Water-Efficient Products

If you’re looking to buy water appliances, make sure to be on the lookout for labels that let you know water efficiency. Be it dishwashers or washing machines, choose the one with the highest stars to save money along with the conservation of water. Make sure that even your water filter is eco-friendly and saves water instead of wasting it.

4) Letting the Water Run: A BIG No

Brushing your teeth or doing the dishes while letting the water run can cost you extensively, not only in monetary terms but also in planet-years. Why put so much at stake for water you’re not even using?! Be smart and close the tap when not in use.

5) Water-Wise Gardening

If you enjoy greenery in and around your home, make sure to make it as ecological as possible. Drought resistant plants like succulents, which require less water for maintenance are wise choices for home gardens. Watering habits can also lend you a hand in the conservation of water. Use the weather forecast before watering so that you don’t water the garden unnecessarily if it’s going to rain or be humid. Reusing cooking or shower water in gardens to make every drop count.

Being mindful of your surroundings will point to you various other ways in which conservation of water will not only be easy but also impactful. Be on the watch for any source of wastage and don’t shy away from promoting awareness about the needs of planets to those around you. Ensure that the water purifier you use is eco-friendly too and helps you reduce your water footprint. Try a Pheonix Water Filter today!

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