7 Mind-blowing Facts about Water Filters!

If you have thought about the quality of drinking water and how it affects your health and the environment, you would have probably thought about investing in a water filter. But what do you know about water filters apart from the fact that it provides you with clean and pure drinking water that improves your health? When you start to dig into the research, water filters are full of surprising and interesting facts! Here are a few mind-blowing facts about water filters.

Fact #1: Water filtration and purification dates back to 200BC

Water filtration and purification dates back to 2000BC

Water filtration is nothing new. We have evidence of water purification and filtration techniques that date back to 2000BC. We know this how? Well, the ancient Greek and Sanskrit writings indicate that people were educated in sand and gravel filtration techniques and they used to purify water by boiling it. Modern water filtration technologies that we use now evolved from these ancient methods.

Fact #2: Scotland came first

Facts about Water Filters - Scotland came first

Ever wondered when and where did the idea for modern municipal treatment arise? Scotland was one of the first European countries to implement a municipal water treatment plant. Due to developments during the Scottish Enlightenment in the 1800s, the first municipal water filtration works opened in Paisley, Scotland, in 1832.

Fact #3: A water filter made from animal bones

Facts about Water Filters - water filter made from animal bones

Bone char is a water filter that is created by taking cow bones, thoroughly cleaning them, and heating them to get char. You can just pop the char into your drinking water and it will absorb all the fluorine (a harmful substance) in drinking water. You can now take it out and drink clean water. In case of an emergency, crushed animal bones can be used to clean water that has been contaminated with uranium and arsenic. How is that for a weird fact about water filters?

Fact #4: The Discovery of Microscope led to the advancement of Water filters 

Facts about Water Filters -The Discovery of Microscope

Microscope and Water filters, Strange combination, don’t you think? We’ll prove you wrong. Water filters are in many forms and used to filter water. But only after the invention of the microscope, scientists were able to absorb tiny particles and microorganisms in otherwise clean-looking water in the 1670s. This led to the advancement of water filters that we use today. 

Fact #5: Water filters pretty much can save your life

Water filters pretty much can save your life

The unfiltered tap water and bottled drinking water that you drink every day contain many chemicals and pollutants. Since these harmful contaminants have little or no taste, many people do not realize that they are drinking contaminants. By switching to water filters, you are not just drinking clean water, you are potentially protecting your health from these deadly water contaminants.

Fact #6: You can save the world with water filters!

Facts about water filter - You can save the world

Plastic water bottles pollute our planet. Even recyclable bottles are extremely slow to biodegrade and they contaminate our watersheds and soil. Even more frightening, it takes 2000 times the energy cost of giving you tap water to manufacture bottled water. All these can be avoid when we use a water filter in our home. Go save the world by using water filters!

Fact #7: You can go on a leisure vacation by buying a water filter

Facts about water filters - You can save and go on vacation

Nope, we are not talking about any lucky draw that can win you a trip to an exotic destination if you buy a water filter. Hear us out. An average person in the UK spends £25,000 on bottled waterand associated drinks. By saving the money you spend on bottled water each year, you can actually go on a leisure vacation to a foreign country.

The history of water filters and facts about water filters are quite fascinating, right? Don’t just stop here with enjoying these facts about water filters, clean drinking water is critical and essential for everyone. Using a water filter in your home removes deadly water contaminants and helps you disinfect your drinking water. If you’ve made up your mind to drink clean and filtered water from now on, but not sure where to start, Phoenix Water filters can help you with all your water filter needs. Our gravity water filters can be install anywhere in your office or home and they can filter water without electricity at low cost. Contact us now and shield your family’s health with Phoenix gravity water filters. 

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