How to Filter Water at Home?

The water we use for drinking, bathing, cleaning our surroundings, in kitchens and for several other purposes must be clean. This is a necessity for your health and well-being. There may be deadly water contaminants that may be invisible to the naked eye it can harm you in countless ways. Apart from that, there are other important benefits of water sanitation and filtration. And, you can simply filter water at home! You do not need to spend too much time or effort to ensure that the water you use is safe and purified. Here are some ways you can filter water at home:

How to Filter Water at Home?

1. Boiling

Perhaps the most widely known method to filter water, boiling is a reliable way of water filtration. Bacteria and viruses disintegrate at high temperatures, eliminating all contaminants from the water.

2. Using a Clay Pot 

An ancient method to make water potable, clay pots have been a great source of filtering water in rural regions where electricity and advanced RO water filters are not available. Using ceramics is inexpensive and quite effective to filter water at home as they are micro-porous. Simply suspending a clay pot full of water over a bucket that collects the pure water does the trick.

3. Water Purification Tablets

Do you have wish to set popular water filter system. Our water purifications reduces chemicals that disinfect water. They are effective and used for short-term purposes. And advised to not unnecessarily prolong the use of such tablets hen better alternative are available.

4. DIY Water Filter

Who doesn’t like a do-it-yourself? By using easily available things like a plastic water bottle, some sand and gravel, a cloth and some scissors, you can make a water filter. The bottle is to be cut in half and the gravel, the sand and the cloth are put in layers from which contaminated water passes and is filtered into a container. 

These methods are widely used ways to filter water and you can adopt them too to ensure that the water that you use is safe for consumption and for non-potable purposes too. And if not, there are always store-bought options! Check out our Phoenix Water Filter which provides purified, great-tasting water on demand.

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