Droughts in Australia

Natural Disasters Wreaking Havoc: Droughts in Australia

Australia is infamous for its troubled relationship with water. Water quality in Australia is always under question. Being one of the driest countries on earth with extreme temperatures, water has never been abundant but that does not make Australia immune to the water-related natural disasters that have wreaked havoc on the country and its inhabitants. Not only is water unavailability often the cause of these disasters, but the consequence is also adverse effects of water pollution and further water crisis and droughts in Australia. Let us learn a little in-depth about the various natural disasters that have hit Australia hard and the role that water played in them. 

Bushfires Causing Droughts in Australia

One of the most large-scale calamities to hit Australia, the bushfires of 2020, was unprecedentedly devastating, especially on the water supply. Water pollution has destructive consequences on life and so, this poses a major threat for the aquatic ecosystems as well as the drinking water supply for citizens since the rivers are one of the primary sources of water supply. The affected rivers also support the rich forests of Australia. As the struggles of another drought in Australia arise. The country is predict to have a slow recovery. From the unparalleled amount of distress that these bushfires have caused.

Floods Causing Fatalities and Disruption

The country dying of thirst and affected by floods. It is actually another major cause why people ask “is Australia running out of water”. These floods cause major losses to life, property and agriculture, not to forget the aquatic ecosystems. Disruption of this scale is frequent and difficult to predict and handle. And amidst the adverse consequences of floods, disruption of access to clean water is perhaps one of the major concerns. The deforestation that bushfires caused have further agitated and intensified floodings, all of which comes down to extreme water scarcity. 

The climatic conditions along with planet’s adverse condition due to global warming can cause of these floods and droughts in Australia. The exponential increase in population is worsening matters even more. 

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