Disinfect Drinking Water

Disinfect your Drinking Water with these 5 Quick Steps

Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right. But unfortunately, the tap water which you use as drinking water is not as pure as you think. Billions of people around the world continue to drink contaminated tap water and suffer the consequences. The quality of your overall health depends on the quality of water you drink regularly. So, disinfecting your drinking water should be a must in your daily routine. However, if your drinking water is contaminated, there are various ways in which you can disinfect drinking water. Take a look at these 5 quick tips to disinfect drinking water.

 Why is it Important to Disinfect Drinking Water?

Water is the most important thing that all living creatures need. All the life on our planet sustains because of water. But this is only possible if you have access to clean drinking water. Water that may look clean and clear can contain several harmful impurities that can make you seriously ill. This includes a number of dangerous diseases, including diarrhoea, cholera, lead poisoning, etc. Therefore, it is quite obvious that we should disinfect drinking water and only drink purified water. Although the easiest and most reliable method to disinfect drinking water is by using a quality water filter from reputed brands like Phoenix water filter, in case of emergencies, there are several alternate ways to clean the water filter.

 Quick Tips to Disinfect Drinking Water

1. Boil to Disinfect Drinking Water

Boil to Disinfect Drinking Water

This is the most obvious and simplest method to make water safe for drinking. Boiling your drinking water kills all the microorganisms like viruses, parasites, and bacteria that could be present in the water. If you have access to a pot or kettle, you can just boil water for about 5 minutes and it kills most germs and algae that may be hanging out in the drinking water. One more thing, don’t forget to cool the water before you gulp it down!

2. Chlorination

Chlorine to Disinfect Drinking Water

Chlorine is a powerful chemical that has been in use for many years to disinfect drinking water for home consumption. Chlorination is an effective water purification method that kills germs, parasites, and other disease-causing organisms found in tap water. Chlorine is lightweight, affordable, and easily accessible to the general public. But, be cautious not to use a lot of chlorine to disinfect drinking water as it could cause digestive issues and can even be dangerous for your health. 

3. Cloth Filtration

Cloth Filtration to Disinfect Drinking Water

Filtration is one of the most effective ways to disinfect drinking water. Simple filtration methods that we do in our home can eliminate both small contaminants and dangerous compounds in water that cause diseases. All you need is a clean cloth, preferably cotton, to filter your drinking water. But one drawback of this method is that it only removes dust and dirt contaminants, and it’s not a fail-safe procedure for eliminating germs and microorganisms. 

4. Water Purification Tablets .

Water Purification Tablets to Disinfect Drinking Water

This is one of the sophisticated methods to disinfect drinking water. Water purification tablets are mostly composed of either chlorine or iodine that are well-known water disinfectants. They can kill a variety of bacteria and microorganisms which are present in the water. All you need to do is to put a tablet in the water and leave it for 30 minutes. But it does not remove the chemical components and also leaves an unpleasant taste and odour. So, this can only be used in case of emergencies.

5. The Sunlight Treatment

Sunlight Treatment

The sunlight treatment is a great way to disinfect drinking water. You can put the water in a clear glass container and leave it in the sun. Solar radiation and heat will destroy any pathogens that can cause any disease. But one main drawback of this method is that it can’t get rid of dust and dirt contaminants.

It is extremely important to ensure that your drinking water has been purified before drinking. So, we don’t need to emphasize why there is an urgent need for a water purifier in every household. While the government might be doing its best to provide us with clean water, we too have a responsibility to disinfect drinking water. We need to ensure that our family drinks clean and safe water. If you’re looking for the best ways to do it the Phoenix water filter can help you with all your water purification needs. Contact our team of experienced water purification experts to get the best gravity water filter on the market. Shield your family’s health with the Phoenix gravity water filter.

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