Can Coronavirus live in water?

Can Coronavirus live in water?

Coronavirus has changed the way people live. People are wearing masks, practising social distancing, sanitizing their hands and whatnot. People have become very cautious in everything they do so that they don’t get in contact with the virus. At the beginning of 2021 things started looking better but now with the new strain of the virus showing up it is back in several countries again. People are afraid of things and have questions like can coronavirus live in water? can the virus be transmitted through wat

We have seen the effects of corona on a lot of things. Many people have a question: can coronavirus live in water? The fact is that Coronavirus cannot live and transmit through water. It has not been detected in drinking water. Water treatment facilities have processes to filter and disinfect water before it goes into our homes. Also, it has not been found in unfiltered water so, if you swim in a swimming pool or in a pond, you cannot get coronavirus through the water. Therefore, we can safely say that we cannot get corona via drinking, showering, or Swimming.

Can Coronavirus live in water?

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If someone asks you: Coronavirus live in water? You know what to reply.

Now that we know the answer of, can coronavirus live in water, is NO, should we not worry about the water we drink? Absolutely not, we need to be extra cautious, which is why we highly recommend you to use water purifiers at home so that we are sure that the water we drink is clean and does not contain any virus. It is a small investment for our family’s health. At Phoenix, we offer you the best water purifiers in the world. A water purifier can literally save you multiple trips to the doctor along with actually saving your life. It removes the harmful contaminants while retaining the essential nutrients, to keep your skin glowing and even help you lose weight. 70 per cent of our body is water. So let’s keep our bodies pure and invest in a gravity-based water purifier today. Buy your Gravity water filter today

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