Water pollution in Australia

Water Pollution in Australia

Imagine someone promised you 100 bucks but gave you 20 cents. That’s what the situation with water pollution in australia or rather the entire world and freshwater is like.

71% of earth covered by water. But only 1% is fresh water out of 20% is available for use. This unusable for the rest 20%. Used for agriculture, industry and for drinking, and day to day activity

It is especially bad for Assuies to perceive as 90% of the population is living less than 10 km away from water source which makes it seem like a near infinite water supply.

The Causes of Water Pollution

These are under in cause of water pollution. Being agricultural, industrial waste like dangerous chemicals and micro plastics being dumped into our sources of fresh water. Damaging our ecosystem and doing an extraordinary amount of water pollution

We are not innocent either, we are also one of the main causes of water pollution. Things that we do on land also affect the quality of our fresh water sources. Our waste often gets washed into our rivers and coasts without any treatment. This waste might be the big bits that you can see like plastic bags, dog poo and ciggie butts but more dangerously micro plastics 

The Effects of Water Pollution

The Effects of water Pollution To put it bluntly: Water pollution kills. In fact, it caused 1.8 million deaths in 2015, according to a study published in The Lancet. Contaminated water will also make you sick. Every year, unsafe water sickens about 1 billion people. And low-income communities are at higher risk because their homes are often closest to the most polluting industries.

Waterborne pathogens, in the form of disease-causing bacteria and viruses from human and animal waste, are a major cause of illness from contaminated drinking water. Diseases spread by unsafe water include cholera, giardia, and typhoid. Even in wealthy nations, accidental or illegal releases from sewage treatment facilities, as well as runoff from farms and urban areas, contribute harmful pathogens to waterways.

The Effects of water pollution in Australia are disastrous The King River in western Tasmania is one of the most polluted rivers in Australia, and has been described as a “pollution masterpiece”. 

The effects of water pollution doesn’t just affect you but also Your Family and Especially kids that haven’t even been born yet. Last month for the first time micro plastic wasn’t just found in our diet and humans in general but for the first time micro plastic was found in human foetus and placenta according to a research in Italy.

So how can we protect ourselves and our environment?

Use the best water filter to stave off the effects of water pollution there are many different types of water filter some use electricity some use UV light but all are environmentally detrimental in some way

Using water with an activated carbon filter and without using electricity but instead harnessing the power of the earth’s gravity we have developed the best water filter to purify and make sure that not only the bacteria and viruses are killed but the activated carbon filters in the best water filter make sure that microplastic and any other bacteria or chemical do not contaminate the drinking water and keep you and your family safe and healthy.


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