Sources of Fresh Water in the Uk

Sources of fresh water in the United Kingdom

Two-thirds of sources of fresh water in the UK come from surface water, including reservoirs, lakes, and rivers, and the rest from groundwater. There are other regions that get their water from a variety of sources.

The main sources of fresh water in the UK are:

1) Rivers

In UK the river systems are recognize from watercourses . Severn, Thames, and Trent are a few examples of rivers. Rivers provide a crucial supply of freshwater for people, businesses, farming, and wildlife. The combination, population and an exponential increase in water usage puts enormous strain. 

2) Lakes and lochs

Lakes are huge sources of fresh water in UK. There are roughly 390 lakes are in England. Lake water is mostly utilize to serve at Liverpool, Cheshire.

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3) Reservoirs

There are wide of sources in fresh water. Water supply in the United Kingdom where built in the end of the nineteenth century. As per hygiene sanitation, Chlorine is one of the disinfectant used by water corporations. To keep the public water delivery network of pipes clean.


One of the important sources of fresh water in the UK; it accounts for around one-third of the public water supply in England. Groundwater is a vital source of drinking water in many parts of the United Kingdom. We can get it by digging wells or tubewells. It is easily accessible, dependable, and of high quality, making it the ideal option for serving smaller towns.

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