POSTreat FluoRid Media
Refill for POSTreat Steel Fluoride Reduction Filter

POSTreat Steel Filter – Powerful Fluoride Reduction Filter

Phoenix Gravity POSTreat Steel Reduction Filters are designed to reduce >95% of Fluoride from your tap water. So that the proprietary media can be refillable and the steel casing can be reused in conjunction with our carbon filter can absorb the fluoride which found in drinking water.

Our POSTreat Steel Filter can be used in Gravity Water Filter systems to remove fluoride effectively from drinking water. It use a combination of carbon filters along with the POSTreat fluoride reduction filter. While water passes through the activated alumina it removes impurities and fluoride from your drinking water.


Step 1: Unscrew cap of POSTreat Filter and gently remove the spent fluorid media pouches from it, before discarding.

Step 2: Open Packaging by tearing accross pre-notched line. Remove pair of pouches (one per POSTreat Steel Filter)

Step 3:  Insert the empty portion of the refill pouch into the POSTreat. Lifting the fullend, tip it up and let the media run from one end of the pouch to the other and into the POSTreat.

Step 4: Refill each POSTreat Filter with one bag and securely screw the cap back on. Your POSTreat filters are now refilled. Follow the Instruction for the POSTreat filter to reattach them to the gravity filters.