Hard water Vs soft water

Hard water Vs soft water Pros & Cons

What are hard water and soft water? How will water hardness or softness affect you? Which one is safe? The mineral composition of water influences how it is categorized on a scale ranging from hard to soft. Although water is usually crystal clear, it contains minerals and chemicals. Let’s look at the differences between the hard water and soft water, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What is Hard water ?

Hard water and soft water are the same things; the high concentration of calcium and magnesium in the water makes it hard. Natural spring water is usually soft. However, before reaching your tap, the water picks up minerals such as calcium, and magnesium, making water hard. The higher the concentration of these minerals in the water, the higher it will score on the hard water scale. Hard water, on the other hand, creates a residue and stains on your kitchenware and makes your garments seem dingy. Furthermore, harsh water dulls your skin and affects your hair. While both are necessary for good health, calcium and magnesium are not required for water use.

What is Soft water ?

Soft water has a low concentration of ions such as calcium and magnesium. Unlike hard water, soft water is free of harmful minerals that can harm your house and your body. In other words, it is kinder to both your body and your home. Soft water occurs naturally in river basins formed by calcium-deficient rocks. Soft water does not deposit calcium in water heating systems or plumbing fixtures. Soft water does not have the mineral taste that hard water does.

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What are the benefits & drawbacks of hard water and soft water?

Benefits of Hard water

  • Better in taste.
  • Bone and tooth strength is increased.
  • Good for your health.

Benefits of Soft water

  • Detergents and soap are not affected.
  • Skin and hair friendly.
  • Better for your pipes, appliances, and fabrics.

Drawbacks of Hard water

  • Lather Formation
  • Damages Pipe, Appliances, and Fabric
  • Bad for skin and hair.
  • Pipe corrosiveness.

Drawbacks of Soft water

  • Higher Levels of Sodium
  • Need Some Maintenance

Both hard water and soft water have their own set of hazards and advantages. It generally boils down to personal choice. One can optimize for flavor, health, appliances and plumbing, and energy efficiency. One must purify water before drinking irrespective of the water type. Phoenix water filter eliminates unwanted pollutants while preserving important nutrients, keeping your skin glow. So, let us keep our bodies clean by using a gravity-based water filter right now. To provide sparkling clean water, Phoenix stainless steel gravity water filters eliminate more than 99.99 percent of bacteria and 99 percent of viruses and other pollutants.

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