Gravity Water Filters Vs Tap Water Filters

Everyone is realizing the importance of water sanitation. So, the market is flooding with options for various types of water filters. When it comes to filtering water without electricity, there are mainly two options: Tap water filters or gravity water filters. Which kind is best for you? Let us help you understand the difference between the two and establish their features to come to a decision about whether tap or gravity water filters are suitable for your household. 

How Tap Water Filters Work

Water initially flows through a semi screen around the filter when you turn on the tap. The debris, such as sand and silt, is trapped by this screen. The water then passes through a compressed carbon and zeolite block. On the surface of each carbon granule are millions of tiny holes. These pores function as a sponge and are excellent at eliminating pollutants such as chlorine. The longer the time carbon spends in contact with water, the more chemicals it can eliminate.

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Benefits of Tap Water Filters

  1. Remove Fluoride: The most prevalent chemical in drinking water is fluoride which tap water filters easily take care of. 
  2. Instant Filtration: Tap water filters are able to provide filtered water in mere moments. Gravity water filters, on the other hand, take relatively longer.
  3. Reduce Limescale: Limescale is a calcium carbonate deposit that is an indication of hard water. Tap water filters remedy this.
  4. Inexpensive: Tap water filters are among the cheapest water filters. So, if budget is an issue, these water filters are your best bet.

Benefits of Gravity Water Filters

  1. Advanced Filtration: Beyond the major contaminants like fluoride and chlorine, gravity water filters efficiently remove bacteria, cysts, pesticides, herbicides and even viruses from your drinking water.
  2. Portability: Access clean, safe water even outdoors! Gravity water filters do not require any electricity and are available in travel sizes so you can filter and drink safe water on the go! 
  3. Improved Taste: Unlike other water filters, gravity water filters do not filter out healthy minerals like calcium, thus making the filtered water not only safe but also great-tasting and more nutritious.
  4. Ease of Maintenance: Since gravity water filters do not run on electricity, their installation and maintenance is extremely easy. 
  5. Longer Life-Span: Tap water filters require much more frequent replacements than gravity water filters. Thus, while tap water filters might be cheaper in the short run, gravity water filters save more money in the long run. 

Who Won?

Without a doubt, the advantages offered by gravity water filters surpass those of tap water filters. So, the winner in this debate is gravity water filters! If you’re looking to install the best gravity water filter, check out Phoenix Gravity Water Filters now!

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