effects of water pollution

Effects of Water Pollution on Human Health

Water pollution has led to damaging and irreparable effects on not only the environment but also on human health. The effects of water pollution on human health are alarming and unsafe. Drinking polluted water for a prolonged period can lead to devastating effects on your’s and your family’s health. Drinking polluted water can and will affect children more than adults. 

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Understanding water pollution

Water pollution is caused by the degradation of pure water either by physical change like a microplastic or chemical change like industrial waste and lastly biological changes like viruses and bacteria’s. These different factors have the capacity to negatively affect human health. Any source of impurities that degrades the quality of water in lakes, rivers, oceans, underwater reservoirs is known as water pollution.

Causes of water pollution


We use water in our everyday life to wash utensils, clean our houses, our cars, and ourselves. The waste generated from this waste coupled with the human waste gets directly dumped in nearby water bodies without getting treated which in turn pollutes the water.

2.Oil pollution

One of the major reasons for water pollution is oil spills. Many times tanks spill vast amounts of oil in the ocean making it a thick impermeable layer resulting in depleted oxygen supply which in turn kills the water life in the affected areas.

3.Industrial Waste

Filled by heavy metals (lead, asbestos, petrochemicals, and even mercury). Each and every one of these chemicals is extremely dangerous to not just humans, but also all the animals and plants around. 

Effects of Water Pollution on Human Health

1.Widespread diseases

Causing these ill-effects to plant in the system of the person who consumed it. Along with this they also drink polluted water. This is one of the biggest effects of water pollution on human health.


The chemicals available in the water body promote the growth of algae. These algae end up forming a thick layer over the ponds and lakes. The bacteria present in the water tend to feed on algae, causing the amount of oxygen in the water to decrease, thus impacting the aquatic life of the water body. Without the presence of proper filtration, these microbes easily enter our water and ultimately make us sick.

3.Adverse effect on the food chain

By intaking raw water, chemicals stored in our body system. Animals are affects by the cause of water pollution. And ultimately humans who consume them. Microplastics have been found like in fish and other seafood which we eat regularly.

So how can we protect ourselves and our environment?

Use the best water filter to stave off the effects of water pollution. There are many different types of water filter some use electricity while some use UV light but all are environmentally detrimental in some way but the best gravity water filter which does not affect the environment is provided by the Phoenix Water Filters.

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